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Crazy or inspired… ?

August 4, 2011

I live in a seriously suburban area of Cape Town. All the houses look pretty much the same. All built out of cookie cutter shapes. There are rules in place for the entire suburb. All the houses are painted various shades of beige, with a few select streets allowed blue trim on the window frames. It is a very calming and serene area and I do enjoy living here. But it can get pretty boring at times. Sometimes I think I’m already living in an institution.  Sometimes I think I’m living on Wisteria Lane.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this a few weeks ago :

At first I thought it was a mould that had been covered in sand (I’ve seen them do this on kiddie shows), I thought it couldn’t possibly be real. I wondered if it was a very clever advert for the construction company whose signboard is up. Then sure enough a week later there was a lizard guarding her eggs in place of the beautiful Sand Castle. Sadly I did not get a photo of that. I kept meaning to, promise!

The following week an article cropped up in our local newspaper. I then realised that it was, in fact, real. I just did a quick google and found this article : No building site safe from sandman

The artist’s name is Reon Zeff and I think it’s just lovely. I love people who embrace their inner child. Especially when they do it with so much sass!

<Thanks to Celeste aka Reluctant Mom for guiding me through my brainfart and showing me The Way with inserting links.  I seriously forgot how!>

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